Hey guys,

I can’t thank you enough for all the awesome things you’re doing for this game. I had no idea that we would grow so fast and get so much support both online and on the road. The last few months have been busy, and as you may have noticed, we just sold out of the game again. Luckily, with Skybound’s help, we are gearing up to get the next print shipped to us. The first four prints of this game sold out before they even reached my warehouse, and the last print only lasted this long because I quadrupled the order from the factory.

Now that Skybound is helping, the game is selling at an absurd rate. So we are opening up preorders again!

Preordering now will save your place in line for the coming print. You will be charged immediately, and the game will ship to you as soon as it arrives late next month. With the current buzz around this game, I am strongly suggesting people preorder.

Plus, there are some perks if you hop in that line and order the game now. We are creating one exclusive card for each of the decks that you will receive if you order between now and October 31. That means a card for the core deck, red deck, orange deck, green deck, blue deck and purple deck if you place your order in advance.

Finally: There is a LOT going on with Superfight. Skybound has some very exciting plans for the game, and I can’t wait for you all to see what’s coming. Thank you again for the great year of support and excitement, and keep checking back in for the latest news!

Thank you all so much,



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